Welcome to good garden hostel

   「谷園女性專屬客棧」-台南青年旅館、台南背包客棧、台南Hostel、台南青旅--對初次拜訪台南的朋友們而言,是個不可多得的絕佳起始點,她優雅地藏身在市中心最精華的地段,距離火車站和其他知名景點步行十分鐘內皆可達。 我們與擁有百年歷史台灣四大名園之一的「吳家花園」為鄰。谷園客棧引以自豪的花園提供旅客一個放鬆身心和欣賞自然的角落。每個房間都配備冷暖空調、個人閱讀燈、電源插座和高品質的寢具;除此之外,巷口的巴士站有四通八達的路線供您選擇。我們不只重視住宿的安全與品質,同時也以傳承在地故事為已任,歡迎來此體會不一樣的府城風華。

  Good Garden Hostel is a perfect starting point for guests visiting Tainan at first time. It located in the most prosperous part of town and just 10 minutes walk to Tainan Train Station and many backpacker's favorite sites, such as Taiwan Literature Museum and Chikan Tower. Good Garden is a neighbor to Wu Garden which provide tenants a relaxed site and enjoy the future landscape. Every room’s devices included air-conditioner, personal reading lamp, electric socket, independent deposit box and comfortable bedroom. Furthermore, the lane’s bus stop have different routes that you can choose. Appreciating to share the fascinating or adventure journey with us.